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Evolution of Meiramaya has taken place over many decades through imbibing cultures and relishing the fun of it.

A deep sense of cultural elements that include colour, objects, shape and the assimilations of it all. ‘Meira’ means radiance in Portuguese and ‘Maya’ is magic. We try to live this meaning with our creations and enhance your living you so desire. Acquisition of Meiramaya lamps exhibits your style and sophistication.

Soul Behind It All

Uma Prithviraj is an all natural and grounded to global values. Our design captures and blends different cultures in an unique way.

Uma’s design convictions have been set in all her products. She has evolved her designs while surrounding herself amongst different cultures and earthly wonders. She became an artist very young and the trait has evened nicely. Coming from a family of renowned artists and painters for the royalty signifies the depth of artistry in her.

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