Exclusive and adorable art pieces from around the world for your home

Delivering Soulful Living

We are an art and design house who strive to bring you artistic home decor from around the world that are finely selected to suit various styles of living. An essential part of Meiramaya is the exclusivity and selection of boutique manufacturers who signify deep cultural influences in their products. It draws you to the environment and is a catalyst to your positivity and comfort living.

Meiramaya also designs and manufactures its own lamps. Transforming art to industrial products is a fine line and Meiramaya lamps does that perfectly by not giving you a ‘plastic’ feeling yet very high quality creations. Artists and producers work closely in a cohesive environment yet recognising each other’s world. So when you own a Meiramaya lamp you can be rest assured that there has been a lot of emotions and passion gone into it yet meticulously manufactured for reliability.

Meiramaya designs are very unique, exclusive and manifest art significantly.


Cultural is clearly manifested in the design of elements that we see, use and incorporate in our lives.

The products we build and source tell you stories of the culture where they were created and the expression used to signify various scenarios.

We believe anything on the wall or on the table or on the floor should have richness in its creation and engrossing background.


We are always founded on the true spirit of innovation, uniqueness and focal desire to deliver masterpieces.

Simplicity, honesty and innocence are essence of relationships between humans that are delivered through many ways and in many cultures. Being able to crossover triggers great sense of appreciation and this is something that we manifest in our creations and offerings.

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